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How to Get Multitasking Facility on Old iPhone Without Any Jailbreak

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It is needless to say that the latest versions of the iOS platforms have got more versatility and flexibility in terms of applications and their management. But even if you have got an old or previous model of the Apple iPhone, you should not bother about the multitasking feature as there are many companies that have developed and launched much compatible software & applications. Without delving much deep into the matter, let us cast some eye-shower on the application format and its uses. Bringing all the sentiments to your favorite gadget is not a very typical and complicated task given you have read all the conditions and implications of using this application.

There is a firmware in the name of Whited00r which will give you an amazing experience to add the brilliant features of device syncing, app folders and multitasking at the task time. You can bet over this theme due to the fact that it owes and that deals with the jailbreaking. Well, without confusing you the biggest merit to get under the scanner of Whited00r is that your iPhone will not need any jailbroken.

The Whited00r is nothing but an upgraded version of firmware 3.1.3 through which the valued consumers have already taken benefits to old iPhones and iPod Touches. It should be noted here that using this application will simply keep you deprive of using the notifications and you will also not be capable of getting access to the App store of the company, Apple. In the video released, the application stops your access to the iCloud syncing. To your pleasure, Exchange and Dropbox have got excellent sync options. Beta versions are available in the market now but you will need to visit its official website to download the latest and most stable version of Whited00r 5.1 version.

- After download, you should unzip the package.

- Choose your device model like iPhone or iPod Touch from the list by opening the iTunes on your PC or system.

- Hold the Shift button for Windows and Option for Mac. Holding the button, you should now click on the Restore button.

- Be patient as the process will take something about 15 minutes and your device will be automatically rebooted.

- After the device boots itself, the user now should select ‘Set Up as new iPhone/iPod’.

- After the set up process is complete, you can load your music, photos and videos to the device. You are now free to use your iPhone in a normal way.

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