Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Create Customized and Most Perfect Facebook Cover and Photo on iPhone

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Many a people are quite confused to load their favorite photo cover for the Facebook and if they own an iPhone, it becomes more complicated. Creativity is a different thing to consider for the Facebook cover photos and the labeling of the cover photos with the needed size has always been the dream of owner. You will also certainly like to incorporate the profile pictures into your Facebook cover.

Beginning from the initial point, you can look on for different guides and sections on the internet that will teach you how to create elegant and creative photo covers for your Facebook profiles. It is needless to say that you can also use these pictures and incorporated beautiful photos in different profiles at the same time. But, if you are not satisfied with the great creation and innovation of several guides and you think lured by the software applications, you can just look into your iPhone.

As per the latest reports, Mashable had great news for you for this task. You can download the free application form iTunes which comes in the name of Facebook Cover Designer. This application available at iTunes can assist you a lot in creating one of the most beautiful, customized and elegant photo cover for your profile. The software has also offered an opportunity to upgrade it in the higher version by spending just 9 cents that will unlock some new, fresh and hidden features related to photo cropping. So, how this application works in your iPhone? Well, let us see it.

- The user is free to take a new photo directly into the application. You also feel free to import your picture from your digital camera, Picasa, Instagram or Photobucket.

- After selection of the correct photo, you all need to do is to crop & adjust the photo. It totally depends on you whether you want o create a profile cover or include the profile photo in the application.

- The former option will compel you to download the latest ‘Pro’ version which will allow you to use some hidden and quality filters. After these, you can upload your photo cover.

- After adjustment and cropping is done to the photo, just apply a filter.

- While uploading the photo or cover on your profile, you will notice the progress bar.
In this way, you can change your profile photo or cover or both at the same time through this application.

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