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How to Transfer Text Messages of iPhone to Computer

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If you want to save the text messages from your iPhone to your pc and then prints all the text messages from the iPhone? Then here is a very easy way of transferring the text messages from your Iphone to PC and print or manage all the text even from the computer.

Tool required by you: Software of text message backup software in iPhone. Through this software, you can easily transfer all your text messages to the PC and then the texts could be further used by you.

Here are the steps for the easy process of transferring your text messages to your PC:

1.Firstly, you have to download this Text message Back up software for free, and then install the software on your computer.

2.Connect your iPhone to the PC.

3.Start Tansee iPhone Transfer message, the information of the messages will be displayed automatically on your screen.

4.For the copying of all the SMS on your computer, click on the “Copy All SMS,” on the right top of the 1st screenshot. Then, you have to select the options:

If you like to copy the messages from a particular contact, then, click on button “Copy SMS from whom” and then select the options:

1.Choose the file type: You can select file format of TXT in particular contact SMS transfer.

2.Choose the file path: Select the location, where to store backup files.

Note: The advanced option in single contact SMS transfer is disabled. Moreover, you can copy only 1st 100 items with the use of trial version.

Now this software of text message of backup on your iPhone can help you to backup all your text messages from your iPhone to the PC in the TXT file format or the ANTS file format. Moreover, it will be very easy for you to manage those messages on the computer or you can even take print out of them, if necessary.

Here are some more details of this software of text message backup on iPhone:
It can backup the messages from iPhone to PC before the phone refuse to receive new SMS.

Manage and View old SMS of your phone in the computer.

You can View the SMS in ANTS file format or Text file format on your computer.

It also serves you the facility of Password protection support in ANTS file only.

Hope this could help you to manage all your text messages from your iPhone.

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