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How to sync iPhone calendar with iPad?

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If you are in possession of as iPhone as well as an iPad , then it must be so because they are both very useful for the business purposes. If you are able to sync these two devices’ calendars then it will be helpful for you as it will be saving your time as well as efforts. This will be useful because, when you update the calendar in one device, the calendar in the other one will be automatically updated saving you the effort to update it again in the second device. You can sync the calendars of your iPhone and iPad in many ways. They are:-

1.Using iTunes software

2.Using iCal app

3.Using MobileMe

4.Using the wireless syncing method

You can use any of these methods the step by step guidance of which is given below. If you are using the iTunes software for syncing your devices then follow these simple steps as this method is best for those who are new to all this. This method works well with both operating systems i.e. Windows and Mac.

1.First step is that you will have to connect your iPhone to your PC. After connecting, iTunes will open automatically. If it does not open automatically, then you will have to launch it.

2.You will see the list of devices where you will have to select iPhone.

3.You will then have to select the “info” tab and then click on the section called as” calendars”.

4.You will have to select the option”sync the calendars “with Outlook.

5.You will be able to sync all the calendars or any specific calendar to your iPad.

Using iCal App:- it is only useful for the PCs with the Mac. operating system, which is equipped with this app.

1.The first three steps till you reach “info” tab are the same to that of the process for using iTunes software.

2.Select the option ’sync iCal calendars’ once you are on “info” tab.

3.In this method also you have the option of choosing the calendars which you want to sync with your iPad.

Using Wireless method:- with the help of iCloud you are able to store all your documents, music , data. It will also help you to sync your devices.

1.Select “settings” on your chosen device and then select “calendars”.

2.Select and tap on “sync one month back”.

3.Select “fetch new data” and then tap on “hourly” option.

Using MobileMe:- though this method is not preferred over the other methods as it is expensive and will cost you $100 per annum. Still if you are interested in using this method, then follow the steps given below.

1.Launch “settings” and tap on “mail accounts”.

2.Select ‘on’ for “sync calendars” option.

3.Change on the calendar of one device will be automatically reflected on the other device.

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