Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Backup Your iPhone/iPad Cydia apps

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iPhone is one of the most sales phone in the market and We all know that Without apps there is not much use of it, so apps place very important Role for iPhone user. There are thousand of apps available in all category for daily use.

Many apps available in Apple iTunes apps store and some of them are free and some of them are paid apps, but if you have jailbroken device then you can use Cydia apps on your device. Cydia apps is 3rd party apps and you can not use it without jailbreak.

If you have Cydia apps on your device then you must have to take backup of it, because when you upgrade your device to new version of ios then you will lose your jailbreak and all the Cydia apps. So now here is the step by step guide to take backup of Cydia apps.

With the help of AptBackup you can take backup of your iPhone Cydia apps.

Here is the step by Step guide to take backup of your iPhone and iPad apps with AptBackup:

Step 1 : Download and AptBackup From Cydia Store. it’s free from BigBoss Repository.

Step 2 : Now install AptBackup on your iphone or ipad.

Step 3 : Now go to HomeScreen of your device and find the AptBackup icon.

Step 4 : Now launch the apps and click on backup button.

Step 5 : Your Cydia apps was now backuped.

You can Restore it any time.

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