Saturday, February 4, 2012

iPhone 4S Problem List

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As you all knows iPhone 4S now available for almost 30 countries, peoples giving lots of love to iPhone 4S by buying in huge quantity. Very first day of Pre-Order iPhone 4S has been sold out with in 24 hours. And day by day it’s popularity increasing.

Well the iPhone 4S is different from other smart phone, there are lots of features which dose not have any smart phone, that is the reason people more attracting iPhone 4S. Then also some people have complaint about iPhone 4S which is related to it’s battery life and many things which are mention as following;

- Siri Security Flaw

- Siri Can not connect to Network

- Mute Button Relocation

- Short Battery Life

- Yellowgate

- iOS 5 Error 3200

- Calendar and personal information simply by speaking into it and activating Siri without a passcode

- Problem with iCloud Download & Upgrade

This all are the problem face by general iPhone 4S Users, we hope Apple will fix very soon all the above Problems and Bugs. If you have any problem with i[phone 4S and which is not mention in the above list then you can comment on the box we will add your problem letter.

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