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How to Solve Music Problems After Absinthe Jailbreak

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Many people who have jail broken their iOS devices by absinthe jailbreak from chronic dev team are facing the issues of music not working. This problem is faced by many on their iphone 4S and ipad 2. Absinthe jailbreak is causing a lot of issues such as music not working, songs getting stuck at 0:00, cydia not working etc. Some of the issues can be solved by installing the fix that are available or using the latest absinthe jailbreak. But some problems have to be worked around

Here are some tweaks that could solve some of the issues follow these step by step.

- Manually delete songs one after one and redowloading each song .this may not be the best idea but has worked for many facing the same issue.

- If you are subscribed to the services to iTunes match but are facing the same issues as mentioned earlier you can should disable the Match from settings then iTunes match then toggle the on/off switch to disable the iTunes match.

- If you are using any VPN connection .you should also delete that

- The next thing to do is to create backup of the device using the iTunes .once backup[ is created now we can safely restore the original firmware

- Make sure that have the latest version of the iTunes

- Now to good to restore the original firmware install the latest firmware using the iTunes it will take from 30-40 minutes so be patient.

- As we are done with firmware restore we can now restore the backup created previously

- Now as we are using the original firmware. We should now jailbreak the device using the absinthe jailbreak on windows pc.

- Once this jailbreak is done enable the iTunes match in the same way we disabled it previously by toggling the on/off switch

- Re-initiating the VPN if had any previously

- Re-download the songs that you previously had.

If you follow these steps correctly you might have your problems resolved by now a word of caution absinthe jailbreak at times appear to be stopped but be patience as it may take some time.

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